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Salary Sacrificing to Super

Posted on 15. Feb, 2010 by .

Salary sacrificing into super boosts retirement savings in a tax-effective manner. This is because salary sacrifice contributions to super are taxed at a maximum rate of 15%. You benefit if your marginal tax rate is more than 15%, and this applies to most people. […]

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Retirement Accommodation

Posted on 08. Feb, 2010 by .

When we need more support at home, or perhaps full residential care, there are costs to consider
and there may be some big decisions to make. A little planning can save a lot of emotional and
financial pain, whether you are making decisions for yourself or for older relatives. […]

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Economic Update

Posted on 01. Feb, 2010 by .

The third quarter could be seen as the time when the global recession ended. The UK came out of its downturn, as did the US. This followed France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Thailand which left the downturn behind in the second quarter. Australia fared much better than most, avoiding a recession in statistical terms. […]

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