Wealth health check – Part 3 Retirees (aged 65+)

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Are you keeping your finances healthy by doing the right thing at the right time? Taking the best action at the optimum time can be crucial to your financial future.

Retirees (aged 65+)

Ensure you don’t run out of money

  • Understand your plan for spending in retirement – set a budget for essential expenses and additional lifestyle expenses and how you’ll fund each.
  • Ask yourself if you’ve invested your assets too conservatively – maintaining and growing your capital today can help you provide the income you’ll need in the future.
  • Consider whether you need to downsize your home.
  • Investigate how your income and assets affect your Centrelink benefits. Simple changes can help ensure that you maximise your total income.
  • Consider setting up investments to help grandchildren with education costs, a deposit on their first home or an investment nest egg. You’ll need to include this in your retirement spending or estate plan.
  • Think about aged care now. When the time comes, decisions often have to be made very quickly, so plan ahead for which care options you’d like to use and how they’ll be paid for.

Review your estate plan

  • Consider a Non-Lapsing Death Benefit Nomination for your super or a reversionary beneficiary for your pension.
  • Ensure your Wills and enduring power are in order.

Source: Colonial First State.

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